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Budget 2020-2021 Edition

BDP’s Customs Tariff with IGST and New Import Policy
48th Edition (in two volumes): 2020-2021
Budget Edition
ISBN: 9788178521220
(As on 1st February, 2020)
Price: Rs. 2995
(price for set of two volumes)

Edited by: Anand Garg

The only book which gives all the duties and Foreign Trade Policy at a glance.

Extract from Chapter 72 of BDP’s Customs Tariff with IGST and Foreign Trade Policy 2020-2021


New Schedule w.e.f. 1st January, 2020


Each item wtih Basic duty, Effective duty, IGST, Social Welfare Surcharge, Total Duty and Foreign Trade Policy

Comprehensive Alphabetical Product Index
Export Policy
New Duty Drawback Rates (w.e.f. 4th Feb, 2020)


Anti-Dumping Duty Notifications
Safeguard Duty Notifications
IGST Notifications
General Exemption Notifications
Customs Tariff Act
Export Tariff
Notification Index

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